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Welcome to Lewis County Mutual Insurance! 

As a mutual insurance company customer you are part of a 250-year old tradition that began with Benjamin Franklin.  The inventor of the lightning rod also founded the first successful mutual insurance company in America.

Lewis County Mutual Insurance Company was organized in 1880.  Your welfare and property are protected by a company that cares about you and is staffed by your neighbors.  Like the nation in which you live, Lewis County Mutual Insurance Company draws its strength from the united resources of its policyholders.

All of this grew out of a basic concept of people pitching in to help each other when disaster struck.  People helping people.  It’s an idea as old as civilization itself and it’s the concept behind Lewis County Mutual Insurance Company

Mission Statement

Commitment, stability and vision since 1880, Lewis County Mutual Insurance Company remains committed to our policyholders, agents and employees with the vision essential for continued prosperity and stability.

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