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Sharpe Insurance, Inc.

Brenda L. Sharpe

Bradley A Sharpe

Randall D. Sharpe

405 S. Elm Street

Lewistown, MO 63452

Office (573) 215-2703

Fax (573) 215-2347

Home (573) 215-2429


Dennis Winship

23366 Ponderosa Ave

La Grange, MO 63448

Home (573) 635-4185


Family Insurance Group, LLC

111 North 4th St

Canton, MO 63435

Office (573) 288-1100

Fax 573-288-1333


Mission Statement

Commitment, stability and vision since 1880, Lewis County Mutual Insurance Company remains committed to our policyholders, agents and employees with the vision essential for continued prosperity and stability.








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